About Us

Our Vision

To be a world-class dealership committed to delight the customers, employees and all other stake holders.

Our Mission

At Shivam Autozone, we challenge norms and define new benchmarks. Our mission is led by our passion to live and be the change.

Our mission is to create lifetime customers, motivated and enthusiastic employees, happy and profitable partners, and to be the most admired dealership by providing each stakeholder an exceptional experience in quality and service, through our passion and commitment to exceed expectations each and every time, showcase high standard of business ethics and customer-centric approach.

Shivam Autozone is a Premier Automobile dealership, headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company deals exclusively in Maruti Suzuki vehicles, the highest selling automobile brand in the country.

Started in July 2011, with passion in our heart and fire in our belly, the Shivam Autozone group stands tall as one of the leading Maruti Suzuki dealerships in Mumbai. We’ve come a long way since we first burst onto the car-dealership horizon. Since then, we’ve not only explored the entire market spectrum, but conquered new vistas in the realm of selling Maruti cars.

Through its diverse and distinctive divisions- NEXA, Maruti Suzuki Arena, True Value and Commercial channels, the Shivam Autozone Group seeks to fulfil the precise needs and requirements of a wide demographic of consumers, thereby delivering a matchless service experience to all those who place their trust in us.This outlook and brand strategy has made us the indisputable leaders in the business. We have grown into an established brand, with a presence at more than 15 locations across Mumbai.

Cars are not just our business, they are our very soul; they are the life-blood that cruises through our veins and the drumbeats that make our heart sing. At Shivam, we deliver everything related to Maruti vehicles- selling, servicing, accessorizing, financing, buying or exchange of your old Maruti cars, Maruti Driving School (MDS), and lots more.

Ultimate customer satisfaction is our sole aim, and excellence in service, our motto. Shivam Autozone- a seamless service framework that expertly fulfils every customer requirement and gives them an unmatched experience in all their car-related needs.

Our ever-expanding customer base and fast-growing network are testimony to our incomparable customer service.Providing maximum convenience and high quality customer service is paramount for us. We, therefore, provide excellent training to our staff, and arm them with precise and ample skills, to ensure that customers get the highest degree of satisfaction when they come to us.

At Shivam Autozone, we don’t just sell cars, but are single-minded in our purpose of making customers for life. And it is what sets us apart from competition.

‘Live the change’ is not just our brand philosophy but our brand promise; committing a fulfilling and enduring relationship with our customers, partners and all stakeholders.