Auto Gear Shift Technology – AGS

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Maruti Suzuki is the foremost motor company in India, largely due to its maxim of delivering the latest and most-advanced in international automobile technology, at extremely competitive and cost-effective prices. The ground-breaking Auto Gear Shift Technology (AGS) is one such technology brought to Indian shores by Maruti Suzuki.

The revolutionary AGS technology or Automated Manual Transmission is an innovation that offers comfort and ease of driving to the customers with no compromise on fuel efficiency.

AGS-enabled cars work on a two-pedal technology. They do not have a clutch pedal, thereby reducing the stress and effort of driving in heavy city traffic. The advanced AGS lets you switch seamlessly between automatic and manual mode on the drive. AGS technology made two-pedal transmission more affordable, offering fuel efficiency at par with the manual transmission. Thus with AGS technology, you get the convenience of an automatic transmission with no compromise in fuel efficiency.

Along with driving comfort, AGS Technology gives your car an unmatched performance capability and uncompromised mileage. Along with these outstanding merits, AGS Technology-equipped cars are very reasonably priced. With AGS models, Customers get to experience a whole new world of technology, at highly affordable rates.

Benefits of Auto Gear Shift (AGS) Technology or Auto Manual Transmission (AMT):
      • Blends the best of both, automatic and manual transmission – The revolutionary Auto Gear Shift Technology lets you switch between Automatic and Manual Mode on the drive.
      • Ease of Driving – The Auto Gear Shift or Ez Drive transmission is easy and fun to Drive. This is due to freedom from operating the clutch lever thereby reducing stress and effort of driving in heavy city traffic. Thus giving you maximum ease and comfort while driving.
      • More Mileage – Due to minimum transmission losses, there is very low fuel consumption in Auto Manual Transmission. This gives us better mileage than automatic transmission.
      • Affordable Technology – Auto Gear Shift technology comes at a lower cost than automatic transmission. Therefore AGS Technology-equipped Maruti Suzuki cars are very affordable.
      • Smooth Gear Change – Gear Shift happens electronically with the help of Intelligent Shift Control Actuator.

With the recent launch of Vitara Brezza AGS model, now Maruti Suzuki offers AGS technology in Hatchbacks, Sedan and SUV segment.

At present, AGS Technology is available in the following Maruti Suzuki car models: Celerio, Celerio X, Wagon RSwift, DzireVitara BrezzaIGNIS & XL6

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