Benefits Of Maruti Suzuki S-CNG Technology

Benefits Of Maruti Suzuki S-CNG Technology 2

Maruti Suzuki, known for pioneering in Auto technologies, is the first OEM in India to introduce factory-fitted CNG technology in vehicles. The cars are specifically designed for the CNG system. CNG is assimilated directly in the car on the factory work floor by highly trained and certified engineers. S-CNG technology by Maruti Suzuki is for the best-in-class factory-fitted CNG cars that deliver on the performance, fuel efficiency, convenience, and safety fronts while ensuring lower emissions.

Why Buy S-CNG Technology Vehicle By Maruti Suzuki?

1) Enhanced Performance:

  • > A vehicle with S-CNG technology is equipped with Dual ECU (Electronic Control Unit) & Intelligent Injection system.
  • > Re-tuning of the chassis, braking system and suspensions deliver improved performance across all terrains.

Smarter And Greener Future

2) Increased Mileage:

  • > Maruti Suzuki S-CNG vehicles have optimum air-fuel ratio delivering consistent performance with higher fuel efficiency & lower per kilometre cost.
  • > Vehicles with S-CNG technology have best-in-class mileage, lowering your number of trips to CNG stations.

Enjoy Great Mileage With Factory Fitted CNG

3) More Durability:

  • > S-CNG technology cars are engineered by Maruti Suzuki to meet the superior manufacturing standards which ensure maximum lifespan of the engine.
  • > Maruti Suzuki uses advanced components like valve seats in the cylinder head and special cylinder along with numerous top-of-the-line mounting parts to increase the overall durability of the S-CNG vehicle.

Factory Fitted CNG

4) Additional Convenience

  • > S-CNG vehicles come with a special nozzle called NGV receptacle that provides safer & faster CNG refuelling.


Switching To Greener Future

  • > They also have an Auto-switch to instantly change modes and switch between CNG & Petrol.
  • > A precision Fuel Level Indicator in S-CNG vehicles shows you your vehicle’s fuel level.
  • > With Continued Warranty of Maruti Suzuki, you can enjoy all benefits of CNG without compromising on your vehicles warranty.
  • > The wide Service Network of 3500+ Maruti Suzuki Authorised Service Centers have specially trained & skilled technicians to service an S-CNG vehicle.

5) Improved Safety:

  • > Maruti Suzuki S-CNG cars are equipped with a micro switch to ensure that the car goes OFF during CNG refuelling.
  • > Entire CNG structure is made of Stainless Steel pipes & joints for a leak-proof design and corrosion resistance.
  • > S-CNG vehicles have an integrated system for the wiring harness to avoid short circuits completely.
  • > Maruti Suzuki S-CNG vehicles are evaluated & tested for crashworthiness & durability with entire CNG System in place.

Maruti Suzuki S-CNG Technology

Which Maruti Suzuki Cars Have Factory Fitted S-CNG Technology?

Alto 800, Alto K10, Celerio, WagonR and Ertiga are the Maruti Suzuki vehicles which come with factory fitted S-CNG technology.

How To Maintain Your S-CNG Vehicle?

Tips To Maintain Your S-CNG Car:

  • > Switch to the Petrol Mode to turn on the ignition always. Drive initially in petrol and keep the vehicle in Auto Mode for it to automatically switch to CNG mode.
  • > Follow the Maruti Suzuki recommended Periodic Service Maintenance Schedule to keep your car serviced properly & regularly.
  • > Ensure your car is serviced by a Maruti Suzuki technician trained in S-CNG technology.
  • > Get your vehicle checked instantly if CNG malfunctioning lamp is blinking or glowing.
  • > Preferably park your car in covered places.
  • > Ensure you follow all Safety Precautions mentioned in the Owner’s Manual of your S-CNG vehicle.

To take a Test-drive of any S-CNG car in Mumbai, Thane & Palghar, you can call Maruti Suzuki Authorised Dealership, Shivam Autozone at  8082666333.

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