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Best Mileage Cars In India 2018-Fuel Efficient Cars

When it comes to the subject of the Best Mileage Cars in India, various Indian auto companies will rush to declare one or all of their cars as the best mileage car that one can buy in India today.

Decoding the Best Mileage Cars in India-

The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. Going by available figures, the honour of producing the best mileage car in India goes to Maruti Suzuki, the favourite motor company of all Indians. Yes, you heard that right- the best mileage cars is definitely a Maruti Suzuki.

The figures say it all– the top three cars of the country which are the best mileage cars in India are- Maruti Dzire Diesel– 28.4 kmpl, Maruti Ciaz Diesel SHVS- 28.09 kmpl and the Maruti Baleno Diesel– 27.39 kmpl.

But did you notice one thing- all three best mileage cars are diesel vehicles. Surprised? Don’t be…..we’ll tell you what makes a diesel car the best mileage car today.

So what makes a diesel car the best mileage cars?

In the days of yore, diesel cars were cars for truckers, transporters and trailer-owners. Say the word diesel vehicle, and it would bring to the mind, visions of large, bulky, ungainly, clunky, carbon-fume-spewing trucks and lorries.

Petrol cars were the cars of choice for true car connoisseurs, and diesel cars were to be avoided like the plague.

Well, all that is a thing of the past.

Today, diesel cars are sophisticated, powerful, mean beasts, coveted even by die-hard petrol-heads. Diesel cars, today, are marvels of advanced engineering, and are the best mileage cars on the road today. Yes, seriously.


Understanding why the diesel car is the best mileage cars in India today-

Diesel engines have undergone a 360 degree revolutionary change. Engines used in diesel cars are now designed keeping in mind the properties of diesel. The advanced engine of a diesel-run car makes it the best mileage cars.

The compressive strength of diesel as a fuel is very high. Its inherent nature enables it to provide a higher torque as compared to the petrol engine– 20-30% higher. Diesel is 15% more energy dense than petrol. In simpler terms, it means that a litre of diesel has 15% more output energy than a litre of petrol. This enables the car to use less fuel while covering a greater distance, thus making a diesel car the best mileage car in India today.

Diesel cars have a compression ratio of 20:1 against petrol engines, which have a compression ratio of 8:1. Such a high compression ratio means that air in the cylinders is heated to super-high temperatures because of being super-compressed. Therefore, as soon as the fuel is injected into the combustion chambers, it ignites. As it consumes less fuel to start, it gives a better mileage. Although a simple difference, it is an important reason that makes a diesel car the best mileage cars.

High compression ratios also enable the engine to squeeze out more energy from the fuel, leading to a higher rate of fuel efficiency. Thus, diesel cars are able to give fuel efficiency that is up to 30% higher that their petrol counterparts. That is excellent bang for every buck spent on fuel and makes the diesel car the best mileage car in India to save fuel in long distance travel.

In petrol engines,the fuel demand varies with the air intake, as there is a mixture of air and fuel supplied with acceleration. This gives very high power compared to diesel engines but not fuel efficiency. There is also a high degree of wastage of theair-fuel mixture whenever the car brakes are applied suddenly, thus reducing fuel efficiency. Therefore a petrol-run car is more powerful, but not the best mileage cars.

In diesel engines, only air is supplied during intake cycle. This air is compressed, which makes it hot and supercharged. When diesel is injected into the combustion chamber by fuel injectors, it gives instant ignition