Maruti T-Permit Cars

What Is a T-Permit Car?

What Is a T-Permit Car?

Maruti Suzuki India Limited has developed specific car models under the Tour segment to meet the needs of the commercial fleet industry. Tour range cars with Taxi registrations are known as T-permit cars. They are used by Tour Operators, Fleet Operators, Transport Managers & Taxi aggregators with Tourist vehicle permit. Moreover, T-permit cars or Tour segment of Maruti Suzuki provides solutions to Fleet Managers for all vehicle-related requirements, from school vans, ambulance, Cash Vans, etc. to app-based taxis.

Which Are the T-Permit Cars or Tour Segment Cars from Maruti Suzuki?

Maruti Suzuki Tour segment available for T-permit registrations, currently include:

  1. Dzire Tour S
  2. Ertiga Tour M
  3. Celerio Tour H2
  4. EECO Tour V
  5. Alto Tour H1

Why buy Maruti Suzuki T-permit cars?

  • > First of all, Dedicated Car models for T-permit registration
  • > Built-in Speed Limiting Function
  • > Moreover, Factory Fitted S-CNG Technology with continued warranty (Except Alto Tour H1)
  • > Low-Cost Maintenance
  • > Vast Car Service Network
  • > Also, Easy availability of spare parts
  • > Furthermore, Huge savings with a maximum mileage
  • > Finally, Dedicated Fleet Sales team at Dealerships for smooth execution of orders

What are the price, variants, and features of Maruti Suzuki T-permit cars?

  1. Maruti Suzuki Tour S Dzire: 

What is a T-permit car? 1

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Variants & Price:

  • > Dzire Tour S Petrol with Ex-showroom price of Rs. 5,81,700/-** lakhs
  • > Dzire Tour S CNG with Ex-showroom price of Rs. 6,41,700/-** lakhs

Swift Dzire Tour is a sedan segment car with a seating capacity for 5 members. Therefore, Maruti Suzuki Dzire Tour S is a popular option among fleet operators in India for commercial usage. It is essentially a T-permit car used as an app-based taxi by  Tour Operators. Dzire Tour S comes in two variants. They include petrol powered with 1.2 lt engine and a CNG variant powered with S-CNG Technology. Hence, Dzire Tour gives a noteworthy mileage of 19.95* km/l in Petrol & 26.55* km/kg in S-CNG.

Also, Dzire Tour S comes with a built-in Speed Limiting function. The upgraded standard Safety features of T-permit Dzire include ABS with EBD, Dual Airbags including driver’s side airbag, Reverse Parking Sensors & seatbelt reminder. Furthermore, Additional Safety features include Security Alarm System (Door + Hood Sensing) & Rear Door Child locks & Integrated Remote Locking. It also comes with body-coloured bumpers, Front two Electric Power Windows, and Remote Keyless Entry.

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  1. Maruti Suzuki Tour M Ertiga:

What is a T-permit car? 3

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Variants & Price:

  • > Ertiga Tour M Petrol with Ex-showroom price of Rs. 8,17,000/-** lakhs
  • > Ertiga Tour M CNG with Ex-showroom price of Rs. 8,97,000/-** lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Tour M is a Next-Generation 7-seater MUV. Tour M Ertiga comes in three variants. Its variants include a Petrol variant with a 1.5 lt K15B powerful SHVS petrol engine and a CNG variant with factory-fitted S-CNG technology. Thus, since its launch, the All-New Ertiga Tour M has become the favourite SUV for Tour Operators across India. Moreover, Ertiga Tour M has become popular for its fuel efficiency. It gives a high mileage of 18.04* km/lt in petrol & 26.08* km/kg combined in the CNG variant. Thus Ertiga Tour M offers a low cost of ownership.

Another advantage is that Ertiga Tour M comes with factory fitted Speed Limiting function. Also, it is a very powerful & spacious car providing unmatched comfort to passengers thus increasing business for Tour & Fleet Operators. Furthermore, with the 2nd Row 60:40 split & the 3rd Row 50:50 split, it gives ample Flexible Luggage Space. It comes with body-coloured Door Handles, ORVMs and Bumpers. Safety features include ABS with EBD, Reverse Parking Sensors, Seatbelt Reminder & Dual Front Airbags. It is the best 7-seater car for commercial fleet purposes.

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  1. Maruti Suzuki Tour H2 Celerio:

What Is a T-Permit Car? 5

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Variants & Price:

  • > Celerio Tour H2 Petrol with Ex-showroom price of Rs. 4,61,800/-** lakhs
  • > Celerio Tour H2 CNG with Ex-showroom price of Rs. 5,41,800/-** lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Tour H2 Celerio is launched by Maruti Suzuki as a Taxi car for T-permit registration having a seating capacity for 5 passengers. It is a popular option amongst the fleet operators in India for use as an app-based taxi by Tour & Cab Operators. Celerio Tour H2 with T-permit comes in two variants. A petrol variant with a 1.0 lt K10 3-cylinder petrol engine and a CNG variant with factory-fitted S-CNG technology. Also, Tour H2 Celerio comes with a built-in Speed Limiting Function.

With a powerful engine, Celerio Tour gives a mileage of 21.63* km/lt in Petrol & 30.47* km/kg in CNG. The upgraded Safety Features of the Celerio T-permit car include Driver Side Airbag, Seat belt reminder & buzzer, Pedestrian Protection, Headlight Levelling & Childproof rear door locks, and Engine Immobiliser. Moreover, Tour H2 Celerio has spacious interiors for both, the driver & others in the car, thus giving extra driving comfort. Furthermore, the striking exterior features are Body Coloured Bumpers & back Door Garnish, ORVMs & outside Door handles.

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  1. Maruti Suzuki Tour V EECO:

What is a T-permit car? 2

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Variants & Price:

  • > EECO Tour V 5 Seater Std. with Ex-showroom price of Rs. 4,00,800/-** lakhs
  • > EECO Tour V 5 Seater AC with Ex-showroom price of Rs. 4,35,300/-** lakhs
  • > EECO Tour V 5 Seater CNG, AC with Ex-showroom price of Rs. 5,15,300/-** lakhs
  • > EECO Tour V 7 Seater Std. with Ex-showroom price of Rs. 4,20,500/-** lakhs

Tour V EECO, a Multi Utility Van has a powerful Engine of 1196 cc. The T-permit Eeco Tour V is a popular option for commercial purposes amongst the fleet operators in India. It is used as school vans to taxi by Tour Operators. Currently, it cannot be shared in Ola/Uber app-based Taxis. EECO Tour V comes with a factory-fitted S-CNG & built-in Speed Limiting Function. EECO Tour gives a mileage of 16.11* km/lt in Petrol & 20.88* km/kg in CNG. Its striking features include clear lens Headlamps & Taillamps. Eeco has spacious interiors for both drivers & passengers. Safety features include Headlamp Levelling, Side Impact Beams, a Child lock for sliding doors & windows, Seat Belts & High mount Stop Lamp. Furthermore, its features include Reclining Front seats & Sliding Driver seat, Integrated Headrests, double DIN music system with USB, Wheel Covers, Mudflaps, Both side Sun visors, and Front & Rear Cabin Lamps.

  1. Maruti Suzuki Tour H1 Alto:

What is a T-permit car? 4

Variants & Price:

  • > Alto Tour H1 Petrol with Ex-showroom price of Rs. 3,68,000/-** lakhs

Alto Tour H1 is a taxi version of the standard Maruti Suzuki Alto 800. It comes with a powerful 796cc petrol engine. It is a popular T-permit car for its low cost of ownership. Tour H1 gives maximum savings with superior mileage of 22.05* km/l. It also comes with an in-built speed limiting function. Moreover, its safety features include Driver & Co-Driver side airbags, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), Reverse Parking Sensors, Seatbelt reminders, Headlamp Levelling, High mount Stop Lamp and Immobiliser. Furthermore, its features include a Sporty front bumper & Grille, Dual-tone interiors, Power steering & front power windows.

What is S-CNG Technology?

Maruti T-Permit Cars

S-CNG technology by Maruti Suzuki is for the best-in-class factory-fitted CNG cars that deliver on the performance, fuel efficiency, and safety fronts while ensuring lower emissions.

  • > Dual ECU & Intelligent Injection system delivers power across all terrains, thus giving improved performance
  • > Another advantage is Maximum Mileage in every drive
  • > Also, with Continued Warranty, you can enjoy all benefits of CNG without compromising on your vehicles warranty

Where to Buy T-Permit Cars of Maruti Suzuki?

You can book and buy a T-permit car from Maruti Suzuki dealership showrooms. To buy a T-permit car in Mumbai, Thane & Palghar, kindly contact Shivam Autozone Maruti Suzuki showroom. Also, To book a T-permit car online, kindly click here

* As certified by Test Agency Under Rule 115 (G) of CMVR 1989.

** The above Ex-Showroom Prices are the latest 2021 updated prices.