How is Maruti Driving School Different From Other Local Driving School? 3

How is Maruti Driving School Different From Other Local Driving School?

Difference Between Maruti Driving School and Other Local Driving School

Most of us have considered a Car Driving School at some point to learn driving. There are umpteen number of Motor Training Schools which teach you driving and assist you with acquiring a Driving Licence. However, it is a very unorganized space and charges differ between all local car driving schools. In this commotion, there is one organised player, Maruti Driving School – MDS, which teaches driving systematically including Theory. Yes, you read correct, they teach you the theory of Brake, Clutch and more. Maruti Suzuki believes that It is critical for a trainee driver to receive classroom training before being coached by a driver in a real vehicle. It makes the learner a knowledgeable, responsible and safe driver. Let’s know more about it.

How is Maruti Driving School Different From Other Local Driving School? 7

How is Maruti Driving School, MDS, better than local motor training schools?

While Other driving schools take you to the road on the very first day, Maruti first teaches you theory, then they teach you on a Simulator and then give you practical car Driving lessons. There are Maruti certified well trained instructors unlike local motor training schools. At the end of the course you get a Certificate issued by Maruti Driving School.

What is driving Simulator training?

Maruti Suzuki are pioneers in introducing Simulator training for learning driving, keeping in line with world-class standards. It is virtual driving using 3D imagery wherein real-life environment is replicated on screen to give you a hands on experience of different situations while driving.

  • From different weather conditions, road conditions, highway driving to night time driving, all these scenarios are created on screen in controlled environment.
  • The simulator helps learners master controls like the steering wheel, pedals and gears without the pressures of a real road.
  • It also teaches you skills like parking your car.
  • Simulators give Instant and Accurate feedback based on which learners and drivers are taught to adopt corrective measures.
  • The simulator prepares new drivers with the confidence they need before they can start driving a real vehicle on a real road.


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What are the various car driving courses at Maruti Driving School?

The Driving Course at Maruti Driving School are broadly classified into Personal Courses and corporate Courses. While Personal course are for individuals to learn driving, Corporate Courses are for company drivers, executives and chauffeurs to learn driving.

Personal Courses:

Meant for individuals who want to learn driving, it includes courses from beginners to people who already know driving.

  1. Learner Course – It is a 21-day complete learner’s programme for beginners to learn driving. This course helps an individual attain confidence and pass driving tests at the RTOs to obtain the Learner and then the Permanent Driving License. It includes Theory sessions, Simulator sessions and practical sessions.
  2.  Advanced Course – This course is for individual who already has a driving license but lacks confidence to drive independently. It also includes Theory sessions, Simulator sessions and practical sessions. A qualified and Trained Maruti Suzuki Instructor supervises the entire course.

Corporate Courses:

Meant for corporate employees, drivers, executives and chauffeurs. These driving lessons are generally cond