How To Take Care Of Your Car During Lockdown?

Many countries are currently observing a complete Lockdown due to the pandemic caused by the deadly CoronaVirus. The majority of cars and vehicles will be sitting idle during this period. It is very important to stay home and stay safe. But it is equally important for car owners to take care of your car during the lockdown. Please ensure that your car remains in good condition during this period.

Tips and preventive measures on how to take care of your car during the lockdown:

  • > Battery:

    Start your car once every 3 days to avoid battery discharge. Please ensure that you start your car, let it idle and warm-up for 10 minutes at least twice in a week to stop your battery from dying. The most ideal thing to do would be to remove the battery if your car is not going to be used for a long time. Apply some petroleum jelly on battery terminals and cable ends to prevent corrosion. However, clean off all the existing corrosion before sealing it up with the petroleum jelly.

Maruti Suzuki Battery

  • > Handbrake:

    Do not engage the hand brake if your car remains parked for a long period as the brake pads can get jammed. Instead of using the parking brake, put the car in gear or use chocks or blocks in front of the wheels to avoid the car from rolling.


  • > Tyres:

    Make sure your tyres are filled with the right air pressure because when parked for long periods, tyres lose air due to car weight. Every few days move your car back and forth to keep the tyres rotated and avoid flat spots on them. And whenever, you take your car out from hiatus, first, fill the tyres to correct air pressure.

Maruti Suzuki Tyre

  • > Spark Plugs:

    Remove the spark plugs to avoid rusting of the cylinder head. Apply little oil to plug sockets before putting the plugs back again.

Spark plug

  • > Car Interiors:

    Keep them clean. Remove any leftovers or junk from the car to avoid any sort of rots inside. Clean interiors will also not attract unwanted rodents looking for food crumbs. It will also avoid any unnecessary stench.

Maruti Suzuki Interior

Few other tips include:

  • > Do not park on an incline as it can cause many damages, especially in Automatic transmission. If your car is going to remain parked for days together, park it on a flat surface or straight levels.
  • > Keep your cars fuel tank full to decrease the amount of air above the fuel to a minimum so as to avoid moisture due to condensation inside the fuel tank.
  • > Preferably park indoors or use a car cover to protect your car paint from dirt, grit, and scratches. Wash your car regularly.


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