Auto Gear Shift (AGS) Technology Or Auto Manual Transmission (AMT) Or Ez Drive Transmission 4

Auto Gear Shift (AGS) Technology Or Auto Manual Transmission (AMT) Or Ez Drive Transmission

Auto Gear Shift (AGS) Technology Or Auto Manual Transmission (AMT) Or Ez Drive Transmission

How much we all wish that we don’t have to press clutch a million times while driving in bumper to bumper traffic of cities like Mumbai. And we all know that Automatics are expensive and not as efficient or cost-effective as Manual Transmission, Guess what….now there is one more choice, Auto Gear Shift, a transmission that has eliminated the need for a clutch. Maruti Suzuki’s new transmission for easy driving.

So What Is AGS Technology?

Auto Gear Shift

It’s not an Automatic and it’s not a Manual. It is Suzuki’s Automated Manual Transmission or AMT.

It is a two-pedal technology and the clutch operation is automated.

How Does The Gear Shifts Happen In Auto Gear Shift Or EZ Drive Transmission?

In an AMT gearbox (Automatic-manual transmission) there is an electronically monitored sensor that upshifts or downshifts the gears based on engine’s RPM. Instead of having to press a clutch in a regular 5-speed transmission, the clutch and gear assemblies have an Electro-Hydraulic Shift Actuator module. This module operates clutch and shifts gears sequentially.

Smoother Gear Shift by Intelligent Shift Control Actuator

  • Electro-hydraulic mechanism
  • Integrated with Controller
  • Directly mounted on Transmission
  • Synchronized control with engine

Which Are The Modes In Auto Manual Transmission?

The Gear selector has three drive modes:

1. Reverse Mode

2. Neutral Mode

3. Drive & Manual Mode

The R or Reverse mode is for taking the car backward and N or Neutral mode is used while bringing the car to a stop. In Drive Mode, there is no need to Gear Shift just like an Automatic Transmission and in Manual Mode, you can shift gears at will just like in Manual Transmission. This is one of the best advantages of AGS technology wherein you can easily switch between Manual and Automatic mode.

How To Drive A Car With Auto Manual Transmission Or EZ Drive?

Auto Gear Shift

The gear lever is to be in the N mode as you start the car and the brake pedal is to be pressed before firing the engine. To ensure safety, if the brake pedal is not pressed and the car is not in N mode, the car will not start. Once the engine fires put the gear lever in the D mode and release the brake. The car will now start moving at a very slow speed. This is called the Creep function. With this function, there is no risk of stalling the car as it allows for crawling in very slow moving traffic.

The car will pick up speed as you gradually step on the accelerator pedal. Pressing the brake will reduce the speed and the gears will shift down automatically until the car comes to a complete stop. The R model is basically reverse mode and the car will move backward in a single gear. To bring the car to a stop, shift the lever to the N mode, switch off the engine, and engage the parking brake.

The driver can constantly keep a watch on which mode or gear the car is in by looking at the Gear change Indicator on Instrument Panel of Maruti Suzuki cars.


Which transmission is more fuel efficient; Manual, Automatic or Auto Manual?

Auto Manual Transmission cars tend to perform better on the mileage front as there is no human