Summer Car Care Tips

Important Summer Car Care Maintenance Tips

Important Summer Car Care Maintenance Tips

The summers are getting hotter by the year, further so in India. While we would love to stay in air-conditioned indoors and avoid crazy heat, it’s not always possible. And as soon as you step out, all you can think of is getting into an air-conditioned car. Many people handle the entire summer season by juggling between air-conditioned House, Workplace and Car. Thus it very important to keep your car summer ready. Imagine your car breaking down and turning into an overheated box in the middle of your trip….Phew! Well worry not as we have compiled the best car care tips to protect your car from sweltering hot summer

1. Protect The Car Exterior:

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The exterior of your car is the most exposed to the brutal sun rays that damage your car paint and its shine.

Tips To Protect Car Exterior In Summer:

  • The very obvious but important thing is to avoid parking your car in the sun for too long. Take that extra effort to find a cool shady place to park your car as much as possible. Use a sunshield as it will help in maintaining a cooler temperature inside the car
  • If your car is parked for too long in open, kindly cover it with Car Body Cover to prevent it from all the dust and grime
  • Regular Dry Wash & Wax Polish every six months will protect the paint and shine of your car
  • Teflon Coating adds that extra layer of protection for long term

2. Check The Tyres:

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Tyres tend to overheat during the summer season as the road temperatures are extremely hot. If the tyres are not inflated adequately, it can cause further overheat and there is a danger of tyre blowout.

Tips To Protect Car Tyres In Summer:

  • Check that there is enough tread on the tyres. Kindly replace them at the beginning of the summer season if the tread of the tyres are worn out or if you see signs of balding
  • Keep the tyres inflated to the recommended levels and maintain the correct tyre pressure including the spare tyre. It helps in saving fuel as well
  • Ensure to get your wheels aligned before taking any trips

3. Check Under The Hood:

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There are many important components under the hood like Car Battery, Essential fluids from Oil to Coolant, Air Filter and various Hoses & Pipes. If any of these do not function properly, it can lead to overheating and eventually car breakdown

Tips To Protect Car Engine & Other Vital Parts In Summer:

  • Regular Servicing of your car is the most crucial and important part of making your car summer ready
  • Car Battery takes a lot of load during summer due to constant use of air-conditioner. It tends to overcharge due to the heat. Check the battery terminals for corrosion, check for cracked or lose wires to avoid battery draining, check and keep the area around the battery clean and check the distilled water level in the battery
  • Car Essential Fluids lubricate and serve as coolants which carry the heat away from the vital parts of the car. They include 1) Engine Oil; the viscosity & level are 2 factors to be looked at when checking the Engine Oil. It is the second most important fluid of the car, it should be replaced regularly to keep the engine lubricated and healthy 2) Car Coolant; staying cool is very important for the car engine. Check the radiator