BS6 Emission Norms

What Is BS6 Emission Norms? – Bharat Stage Norms BS-VI.

What Is BS-VI Emission Norms?

Bharat stage Emission Standards are emission standards or Norms introduced by the Government of India to regulate air pollutants coming out of vehicles as a result of Combustion engines and Spark-ignition engines. These standards are set by the Central Pollution Control Board under the Ministry of Environment and Climate change.

In October 2016, India signed the Conference of Protocol, also known as the Paris Climate Agreement. As per the agreement, in the next 12 years, India will bring down carbon footprint by 33-55% as compared to 2005. Thus in 2016, the Indian government announced that the country would skip the BS-V norms completely and adopt BS-VI norms by 2020. BS6 emission norms bring India at par with European and U.S. standards of pollution control. 

Maruti Suzuki India Limited continued its trend of being an industry first and became the first OEM to bring BS6 compliant vehicles in the mass segment, much ahead of statutory timelines prescribed by the Indian government. Maruti Suzuki has upgraded 7 of their petrol cars to meet BS6 emission norms, well ahead of the deadline of 1st April 2020. Thus, half of Maruti Suzuki’s petrol range of cars are now BS6 compliant. It also means that the BS6 compliant car models offered by Maruti Suzuki currently constitute around 70% of the total petrol vehicles sold including all car manufacturers.

BS6 Emission Norms

Which Maruti Suzuki & Nexa Cars Are BS6 Compliant?

As per their commitment to launch environment-friendly vehicles, Maruti Suzuki introduced its first BS6 compliant petrol car, Baleno in April 2019. The most recently launched Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), the new XL6 is the second BS6 compliant Nexa model by Maruti Suzuki. BS6 compliant petrol models by MSIL include industry bestsellers like:

BS6 Emission Norms

What Are The Benefits Of BS-VI Engine?

  • Technology upgrades have been made for stringent emission requirement which is ensured with extensive and rigorous field tests in actual Indian driving conditions
  • BS-VI compliant vehicle engine reduces nearly 25% Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions in petrol vehicles and substantial 70% on Diesel vehicles
    BS6 Emission Norms
  • Upgraded engine with the technological advancement of Exhaust system ensuring a significant increase in its durability
  • BS-VI norms also enforce stringent limit on Non-Methane Hydrocarbons (NMHC) emissions
  • Another benefit is that On-board Diagnostics, OBD has been made mandatory for all vehicles. This helps in checking that the emission control component is working at optimum efficiency at all times. With the OBD unit, one can monitor the pollution in Real-time
  • RDE (Real Driving Emission) on all vehicles enables real-time tracking of emissions in real-world conditions and not just test conditions
  • Introduction of DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for Diesel engines
  • Certain new Safety features are made mandatory in all BS-VI compliant vehicles

The new emission standard will require both automobile OEMs and Oil & Fuel companies to upgrade their products. Ideally, for best results, BSVI compliant vehicles should use BSVI fuel, as the latest engines running on lower-quality fuel will emit a substantial amount of toxic gases.

Can BS6 Diesel Fuel Be Used In BS4 Diesel Vehicle?

BS6 diesel fuel can be used in BS4 cars. However, BS4 Diesel fuel cannot be used in BS6 cars because the sulphur content is high in BS4 Diesel fuel. It may cause deterioration and poisoning of the catalyst, thus impacting overall emissions and life of Exhaust after-treatment system.  

The cost implication of upgrading Diesel engine to BS6 norms will be substantially higher for the customer compared to the petrol engine.

Can BS6 Petrol Fuel Be Used In BS4 Petrol Vehicle?

The BS6 compliant petrol vehicles can safely run on BS4 petrol also. The BS6 petrol cars from Maruti Suzuki have been extensively tested with BS4 fuel and there is no operational concern.

BS6 Emission Norms

What Are The New Safety Feature Upgrades In BS-VI Compliant Maruti Suzuki vehicle?

    1. Driver Airbag
    2. ABS with EBD
    3. Seat belt Reminder (Driver & co-driver side)
    4. Rear Parking Sensors
    5. Speed Alert System

BS-VI norms is an effort to reduce harmful toxic emissions and create a pollution-free environment for healthy living. Maruti Suzuki as a leading vehicle manufacturer in India is aligned with Government’s initiative of green, eco-friendly and sustainable mobility. They use Suzuki’s proven technology in BS6 vehicles thus helping in creating a cleaner and greener environment. 

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