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Super Carry

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry is a powerful mini truck used for transportation of goods and also for various other commercial purposes. Super Carry is available in Petrol & with S-CNG technology. Both Super Carry Engines, the petrol engine, and the CNG engine are BS6 compliant. Maruti Suzuki Super Carry comes in three variants – Petrol BS6 Standard, Petrol BS6 Cab Chassis, and CNG BS6 Standard. The Super Carry comes with a powerful engine packed with 4 cylinders & an all-new 1196 cc Petrol engine and CNG engine variant.

Super Carry provides a space of 3.25 sq. meters and can take on a load of 740 kg. In the wake of growing e-commerce and ‘Make in India’ campaign, a lot of start-ups, platforms, organizations, and entrepreneurs require LCVs for delivering their goods. Super Carry is the perfect product in the commercial segment to carry out such businesses. Some of the examples include Cargo & Transportation business, Cold Storage business, Water Tank business, Rental business, Carrier for Construction business, Milk & Food supply business, Courier business, etc. Many customers convert their Super Carry into a mobile retail unit, e.g. Ice-cream van, Food on wheels eatery, Designer Clothes Boutique, Cleaning Services, Mobile Laundry shop, Pet shop & Grooming services, Mobile Cake Shop, Mobile Cafeteria, Small Auto detailing and accessories shop and so on. You can now book Super Carry Online in Mumbai, Thane & Palghar.


Super Carry exterior features include a front wiper (2 speed) with a washer. It also has ORVMs (Driver and Co-driver side). Super Carry has a Tailgate opening function with a handle and Tailgate Chain. Furthermore, it has a spare tyre and rope hooks.


Super Carry comes with a wider windscreen for more visibility. It comes with flat seats with adjustable driver seats. Super Carry also has driver side sun visor and driver side pocket. Furthermore, Super Carry has a sliding back window. It also has an Assist Grip (Driver & Co-Driver) and a Bottle holder.


Super Carry has been made with special emphasis on Safety Features.

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Super Carry Engine

Super Carry Engine

The Super Carry incorporates a powerful engine to help you stride ahead with confidence. The Super Carry comes with a powerful engine packed with 4 cylinders & an all-new 1196 cc Petrol engine and CNG engine variant.

Super Carry Mileage

Super Carry Mileage

With the Super Carry, you get superior mileage, allowing you to go the extra mile with ease.

An outstanding fuel efficiency 23.24* km/kg (CNG) and a 5 speed transmission, ensures that you get the benefit of greater savings and greater profits with the Super Carry.

*Fuel Efficiency as certified by test agency under rule 115 of the CMVR, 1989



Stay ahead of competition with the better loading capacity and higher stability of the large, sturdy deck.

Large Loading Tray: The Super Carry boasts a large deck of 3.25m^2, which helps you to transport larger volumes, thereby helping you save time and efforts, leading to enhanced productivity and greater profits.

Broad Wheel Base: The Super Carry’s bigger wheel base of 2110mm provides better stability for heavy loads.

Adjustable Deck: The adjustable deck helps you to load and unload with greater ease.

Attached Hooks: The Super Carry’s firmly attached hooks secure goods safely, ensuring minimum product damage



The Super Carry is super easy to handle as well, so that you can transport the heaviest loads quickly and easily.

Car-like Gear Shift: Experience greater ease with a smooth car-like gear shift.

Steering Wheel: The steering wheel in the Super Carry is both bigger and lighter, which ensures better comfort and control.

Compact Turning Radius: With a turning radius of 4.3m, manoeuvring narrow lanes will be much easier in your Super Carry.

Supreme Strut: Strong and sturdy strut assembly. Enhances stability, improves manoeuverability and offers better ride quality.

Leaf Spring Suspension: Sturdy and powerful leaf spring suspension makes for better load bearing capacity. Moreover, it also enhances stability.



The Super Carry is designed with a singular focus on safety. It comes with the Maruti Suzuki Assurance of safety.

Strong Steel Front Panel: The high-strength steel front panel is specially designed to reduce impact and potential damage in case of collision.

Strong Chassis Frame: The tough, rust-proof steel chassis frame lends a high degree of stability and sturdiness to the Super Carry.

LSPV Brake System: The Load Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV) braking system automatically adjusts the pressure of the brakes according to the weight of the load, thus ensuring safety and stability of the truck, even when it is fully loaded.

Front Tyre Disc Brakes

Stepney Tyre and Battery lock: Stepney Tyre and Battery Lock are available and can be bought separately, if needed.

Big and sturdy ORVMs: The large, extremely durable Outside Rear View Mirrors in the Super Carry provide greater clarity and enhanced view.

No Accidental starting of Engine: The Super Carry is equipped with a safety micro-switch on the fuel lid, which cuts off fuel supply during CNG refueling, to prevent any accidental starting of the vehicle.



Special emphasis on comfort makes the Super Carry so comfortable to drive or travel in, that even long, arduous journeys feel like a breeze.

Long and Sliding Seat: The driver’s seat is designed such that you can adjust it to your preference and comfort.

Roomy Cabin: The cabin is spacious and provided with extra leg room to make long journeys extra comfortable.

Heat-Resistant Seat: Special heat-resistant driver’s seat keeps the driver insulated from the heat of the engine.

Super Carry CNG

Super Carry CNG

The Maruti Suzuki Super Carry comes in a brilliant CNG variant that is enhanced with S-CNG Technology to give you more value for every rupee.

The CNG variant of the Super Carry is equipped with:

  • Better pick-up due to higher torque- 85 nm @ 3000 rpm
  • Higher load carrying capacity
  • Higher top speed of 80 km/h
  • 5 speed transmission

Smooth CNG & Drive
Enhanced Safety
High on Fuel Efficiency
Peace of Mind

Super Carry- Pragati

Super Carry- Pragati

Pragati is a customer-centric relationship program, directed towards creating lasting relationships with the customer. Pragati works on the twin aims of customer engagement and customer retention. When a customer purchases a vehicle from the Maruti Suzuki Commercial Channel, he has the option of becoming a member of the Pragati loyalty program. It’s not only reward points, Maruti Suzuki also gives other benefits to make the most out of this exciting opportunity.

Benefits of becoming a member of the Pragati loyalty program:

1. Exclusive Welcome Gift*

Enrol as a member with Pragati and get exclusive gifts as a welcome gesture.

2. 3% points on all eligible spends

Become a member and get points worth 3% of the amount you spend on various Maruti Suzuki services, e.g. MGA, MI, service, spares, etc.

3. 1000 points for referrals
Get 1000 points on every successful referral.

4. Exclusive partner Offers*

5. Exclusive Event Invites*

How Do I Enrol As A Member?

When you buy a vehicle from the Maruti Suzuki Commercial Channel you will be given an enrolment form, along with a Pragati Welcome kit.

You are required to fill in the form and attach your Vehicle Identification Proof. The form will then have to be dispatched at CPA.

How do I Get My Awards?

When the enrolment process is completed successfully, you get an Instant Card that will be activated immediately.

Whenever you purchase anything from the Maruti Network, be it a service or insurance etc., the dealer will swipe your Instant Card against invoices.

You will then be awarded points equalling 3% of the invoice value.

How Do I Redeem The Points Awarded?

Once your Instant card has been activated and you have collected points, you can present the card on your next visit to the dealership.

You can redeem your collected points against the purchase of products and services within the network.The value of 1 Point = 1 Rupee

Transactional Benefit
3 points on every Rs.100 spent
Referral Benefit-4 Coupons available with the kit.
1000 points
Rs.5,00,000 Risk coverage, free of cost.
Partner Offers
50% points can be redeemed on partner offers.