Extended Warranty

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Intended to deliver ultimate comfort and convenience to customers, the Maruti Suzuki Extended Warranty plan promises extended peace of mind, always.The standard warranty for all Maruti Suzuki vehicles comprises 24 months/40,000 km for parts and repairs that come under the category of manufacturing defects.

Discerning customers can choose to go in for the outstanding ‘Forever Yours’ Extended Warranty program. This thoughtfully-designed program gives customers the benefits of extended safety and higher resale value.

The standard warranty can be extended for a nominal amount, prior to warranty lapse, i.e. within 2 years or 40,000 kms or whichever is earlier.

Extended Warranty Plans:

  • EW Gold 3rd year* or 60,000 km*
  • EW Platinum 3rd and 4th year* or 80,000 km*
  • EW Royal Platinum 3rd, 4th and 5th year* or 1,00,000 km*

*whichever is earlier