A company is defined by its team. In order to provide leading-edge service to our customers, we have brought together an eclectic, skilled and gifted bunch of individuals, each one bringing to the table, a vast measure of talent and proficiency.Our team consists of a strong senior management with years of experience at the highest levels, in a wide spectrum of roles. These are the folks who effortlessly combine technical knowledge, business expertise and creativity.

Team Shivam Autozone is like a world-class football team. Different players, different skills and abilities- but when they come together, they create magic.

Because, in the end, it’s the extraordinary efforts of all team members working together that make great things happen.

Mr. Samir Jani


Mr. Samir Jani, founder of Shivam Autozone and business tycoon par excellence, juggles many hats with elegance. Apart from nurturing the company from foundation to its present stature, Mr.Jani also runs several other ventures with equal success. He is Director in Global BuildconPvt. Ltd, a prominent construction company, and is major shareholder in Shivam MegastructuresPvt. Ltd. Passionate about driving and speed,Mr.Jani is the perfect example of deft leadership and willingness.

Mr.Bhavik Parekh


Mr.Bhavik Parekh is a qualified Chartered Accountant with special interests in Accounting and Finance. His conviction and dedication have helped Shivam Autozone to quickly ascend up the accomplishments ladder, notching one outpost after another, and rise to the highest level from the day it was inaugurated in the year 2011.

Having held myriad positions, from Accounts Manager to Head of Sales and to the current position as CFO (Chief Financial Officer), Mr.Bhavik brings to the table clear focus, keen planning skills and strategic analytical abilities.

His ardent commitment, relentless efforts and meticulousness have helped Shivam Autozone to garner several milestones and awards from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd and will always strive to do the same.

Mr.Harshad Tank


Mr.Hashad Tank, Director and CEO at Shivam Autozone, boasts a Master’s degree in transportation design from IstitutoEuropeo di Design (Turin, Italy). His intense sense of design, deep passion for designer cars and relentless pursuit of excellence have helped Shivam Autozone achieve new milestones in business. With his finely honed skills in management and keen inquisitiveness, Mr. Tank excels in extracting the best out of the best in the Shivam Autozone hierarchy.

A speed freak and a lover of luxury cars, Mr. Tank is the proud owner of 7+ super luxury cars. Apart from Shivam Autozone, he runs several other ventures with equal dexterity.

Mr. Rahul Kale

VP Sales, Shivam Autozone

Mr. Rahul Kale boasts an experience of twenty years in the Automobile industry. Mr. Kale has built an enviable reputation in his star-studded career, for being a thorough professional and delivering excellence in his chosen field of endeavour, i.e. sales. It was while studying for his graduation in Commerce, that Mr. Rahul Kale got a summer internship at Pal Peugeot. This led to a life-long fascination with cars and the technology that goes into manufacturing them.

Mr. Kale has spent 2 years at Volkswagen and 18 years at Maruti Suzuki, with distinctive service in sales and marketing. He sets himself apart from the herd with his clear focus, keen planning skills, strategic analytical abilities and accomplished marketing skills. He displays an ardent meticulousness in discharging his duties in the myriad issues governing sales and marketing.

Mr.Kale believes in enhancing employee motivation levels, productivity and maintaining a cordial, positive atmosphere in the work-place.At Shivam Autozone, he strives to build and maintain strong sales systems and processes, which have helped in making Shivam the market leader in the industry. Integrity, honesty, respect for the customer and team spirit are the forces that drive him.