Mr Manishi Dutt

It is my practice to express appreciation in case of a good job done and also to offer constructive criticism in case of the opposite. The aforesaid, as a part of my humble contribution in the quest for being a part of the overall process of raising standards of excellence.
In line with the above, I would like to thank you first for an overall pleasant experience in the booking & delivery of our daughter, Debjani’s, first vehicle, The Brezza.
You played a significant role – from giving the first call from Shivam, meeting us on delivery day and most significantly & memorably, handing over the keys to Debjani.
A photo is attached as a remembrance. Thank you.
I would also like to express our appreciation to your Team, those few we met and also those who worked behind the scenes.
Two persons who deserve special mention are Saurabh & Kalpesh from your Team.
Kalpesh has smoothly co ordinated the entire process and organised Delivery on our desired day. A special thanks from our side may please be conveyed to him by you.
Another special thanks from our side which may kindly be conveyed by you on our behalf is due to Saurabh.
Saurabh has organised dressing up the Brezza with accessories, some ordered by us and some suggested by him(Graphics) which makes the vehicle stand out.
He has also kept his commitment in re delivering the car on the promised day after the hood painting, inspite of the heavy rains of last week.
The job has been neatly done.
There are some loose ends which need to be tied up, Kalpesh is aware and I hope he will complete it soon. The most important being return of the Original Adhar Card of Debjani.
I now look forward to having an equally pleasant service experience, once I get introduced to your service team.”
Warm Regards & to an enduring relationship.
Yours sincerely

10 Jul, 2017