Nayan Bipin Doshi

I want to place this appreciation note on record.

Buying a car is a rare occasion in many people’s life-hence, such an occasion is very dear to not only the owner of the car, but even his entire family. Family holidays in ones own car- in my opinion- are the memorable experiences that one would cherish throughout his lifetime. This memorable journey BEGIN WITH having your own new car on your “desired/ anticipated terms” (model, colour, price delivery date etc)

For this, I sincerely appreciate the way in which team Shivam had swung into action- after knowing my dissatisfaction over the new car not likely getting delivered to me on my “desired terms”

I really thank Mr.Deepak Shetty, Mr.Pragnesh Soni, Mr.Swarandeep – and all those who worked behind the scene to ensure that the car is delivered to me on my desired terms.