Dear Guests welcome to the video page of Shivam Autozone. Firstly, we have curated this video page with a few handpicked Maruti Suzuki cars, accessories, and service videos just for you. Secondly, whether you are an auto enthusiast or looking at buying a new Maruti Suzuki car, we have relevant videos for you. This page consists of videos of new car launches, the latest facelift version with new features, and also upgrades in Maruti Suzuki cars. Also uploaded, are videos of walk around showing you the car exteriors, interiors, and safety features. Moreover, we have uploaded videos of car accessories and modifications added to Maruti Suzuki vehicles. So, check out how various accessories look in different colours and different car models of Maruti Suzuki. This can help you in customising your car as per your preferences.

Furthermore, there are videos on servicing Maruti Suzuki cars and also tips for maintaining your car. Also included are videos on products and accessories like Air Inflator, Smart Key finder, Smartplay Infotainment System, and more. These videos will help you spruce up your car and take care of it. In addition, we have videos taking you around our facilities like the Arena showroom, our True Value showroom, the Accessory lounge, our Maruti Suzuki Service Center, and our Maruti Suzuki Driving School.  Besides, we upload informative videos on the latest industry updates in the automobile sector. These include BS-VI normsService-on-wheels, and so on. To view more or all our videos, kindly visit our YouTube channel


We would be happy to make any video you request regarding a particular Maruti Suzuki car model, variant, accessory, or any topic related to the auto sector. Thus, kindly get in touch with us and let us know Your feedback and suggestions regarding our in-house videos are most welcome. We would love to hear from you. Your kind words motivate us to deliver more and better videos. You can contact us at

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